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What to Wear?

Deciding on outfits can be frustrating! Clients often ask me what they should/shouldn’t wear to their photography session so I’ve come up with a few tips to help you plan your session with us!


#1 Reflect Your Own Style - You should wear something you are comfortable in. If you feel good, that will be reflected in your photos. Ladies, jewelry, scarves, hair accessories can be a fun and simple way to reflect your style if your clothing is more neutral or solid and you want to add some femininity to your look.


#2 Think Of Your Location - When choosing your outfits, be sure to always keep in mind the where and when of the session. If we are shooting in the middle of winter, outside in the snow, you would want to think about that fact when choosing your (warm) clothes and appropriate shoes, etc. If you know we plan to do our session in a field, you will want shoes that you can walk out therein. Consider also bringing an outfit that is easy and comfortable for you to sit on the ground.


#3 Things To Avoid

1) Avoid NEON

2) Do I need to mention skin tone colors? Do you want to look like you have pants on rights? This does not mean you can not wear neutral tones.. just not the same as your skin!

3) I suggest staying away from clothing with noticeable logos (including sports, bands, sayings).

4)Make sure to watch out for sheer fabrics.

5) I know right now there are some amazing patterns but I would suggest for photos to stay away from really loud/busy patterns (small/delicate patterns that don’t overpower are fine and can make great accent colors).

6) I also suggest wearing bright colors under a neutral cardigan. If you place a bright blue solid shirt next to your face there is a chance of a color cast. Neon nails are another one that clients tend to regret. If your nails are neon pink, that is what our eye will be drawn to, so keep that in mind.


#4 Layering - Wearing layers is a plus. Layers can add some flair to your outfit, and as a bonus, they can save you an outfit change if you throw on a sweater and a hat and have a whole new look… Or take off your jacket and shoes and have a new, more casual outfit. Something to keep in mind.


#5 Shoes - Neutral shoes are usually best, but sometimes a pop of color is perfect on your feet. Laddies, you are more than welcome to bring heels! Just bring along a pair of flip flops and possible covered toe shoes just in case we are walking through a wooded area.


#6 Should We Wear All White & Jeans? It's great to coordinate your outfits but you don't have to wear the same thing completely or be overly matching. I find that having everyone matching tends to make them seem to blend together and there is no real pop to the photo. Besides, it’s much more fun to see everyone’s personalities in their outfits!

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