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What to Expect

  If you are either considering booking or have booked a future session with Colleen Rooney Photography you may have a couple of questions on what to plan for your session. One thing you will probably notice immediately is the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Through our session together, I want to tell your story. Whether it’s your children, your family, or your love story, my mission is to create art out of your everyday lives. Many years down the road, when you look back at our photos, I want you to see your photos as more than just a pretty picture. I want you to remember this time period in your life.

     My style is a mixture of lifestyle and posed photography. I strive to capture a lot of photos of my subjects interacting, telling a secret, sharing a giggle, etc. When we schedule your session, we will have a conversation about what you are looking for. What type of session, who would you like photographed, session location, etc.  Are there specific poses you are looking for? The best time of day to do outdoor sessions is typically in the few hours before sunset. This does not mean that I never do sessions at any other time other than these. During all other hours a shaded area would be best!

P l a n n i n g  Y o u r  S e s s i o n

Maternity Sessions:

When it comes to choosing your outfit, you have several different wardrobe options. Wearing figure-hugging clothes will help accentuate your lovely silhouette. I will use your hand to cup under your belly on any tops or dresses that hang loosely to help better define your bump. I love soft textures, scarfs, solids or strategic patterns, separates, long skirts, skinny jeans with boots and belts. If your jeans have the panels built in, bring a separate outfit with bottoms (skirts are great for this) that fit just under the belly with a top that can be lifted up to expose the belly easily if you want bare skin shots. Studio shots for bare bellies can be done with pretty underwear and bra combo's or tube tops and jeans or strategic placement of hands over the breasts leaving your belly bare. We will do whatever you are comfortable with. Another great way to give the illusion of bare skin, without actually showing it is to use a sheer fabric to drape around your belly and have pulled tight behind you.

If desired, you can also add props such as baby shoes or sonogram photos to your session. If this is not your first pregnancy, you may want to get a few photos of your older children with their hands on your belly. On the day of your photo session, I recommend making sure you eat a light meal and drink plenty of water. You want to be full but not feel overstuffed. Bring tons of snacks for in-between photos. Maternity photo sessions can be exhausting, so you want to do whatever is necessary to keep your strength up.


After delivery, I encourage you to contact me as soon as possible so we can schedule the exact day and time of your photo shoot. Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, each baby is different and each session varies. Not all babies will be comfortable in every pose, I follow baby's cues to see how flexible they are in achieving those curly baby poses we love so much. As babies mature they become less pliable as their bones begin to harden, which is why I encourage my clients to book their newborn session before their baby is 2 weeks of age to capture the poses that resemble the positions they held in your womb.

I have an extensive prop selection for your Newborn so there is no need to bring anything for your baby unless you have special items you would like photographed. I provide all the wraps for your session. I have hand-selected suppliers to match every color you can imagine. No need for clothing... nude is best for baby. For mom, a simple all white, cream, brown, or black long sleeve shirt will be best. Simple is best, avoid patterns or any logos. For dad, a black or white t-shirt. For those dads that are comfortable bearing their chest please do because these can make for some of the most precious images with father and child. 

Try to do half feeding at home upon your arrival. Just prior to the session beginning I will have you feed the baby to get them into a good milk coma. Once they are settled and sound asleep we will begin photographing.

During your session please expect to take many breaks. Infants often need breaks to nurse or feed and just get some love from mom and dad. Toddlers sometimes have meltdowns and don’t want to cooperate. That is okay! This is expected with children of this age. Plan on having family/sibling photos first. Plan on a relative or dad to leave with your other children for the duration of the newborn session. The session can take more than 3 hours and children tend to get impatient.


Talk to your children before the photo session. Children love feeling informed- tell them a photographer is going to take their picture, discuss your expectations, etc. Show them clothing, talk up the adventure of going to a new place, or anything else you can do to keep them prepared. Please bring approximately 5-6 outfit changes for indoor sessions and 2-3 for outdoor sessions. If you are feeling really daring, let your toddler pick out one of her own outfits to be worn in a few shots. You may be surprised at how cute a mismatched outfit would look!

Day of your session makes sure that your child is well-rested and well-fed prior to their visit to the photo studio. Even the most angelic children can become angry, frustrated, and less than photogenic when tired or hungry. 

Taking pictures is a lot of work and sometimes a short break is needed to refresh your little model. Your session will be an hour. This allows your child plenty of time to get comfortable. I have many techniques to help capture your little tot's personality. If you have a lively and energetic child, trying to get them to sit in a studio can be frustrating work. I suggest bringing things that they can snack on such as cheerios, marsh-mellows, and smarties. Please stay away from staining foods such as m&ms and cheese puffs. They tend to get everywhere on your child.  Lastly, when you arrive for the photo session, don’t be afraid to dance, sing, twirl, and laugh!



Your family session will be held on location using natural light. We will find a beautiful outdoor location for your photos, and your suggestions are more than welcome! I have several locations that I can suggest as well.

What to wear?? There are really no rules here, most importantly you want to reflect your personal style and be comfortable. Try to avoid clashing patterns and colors. I suggest picking a few basic colors and try to have everyone base their clothes around those colors. If possible, please try to stay away from all-white tops or bottoms. Hats and scarves can add a fun pop of color, and can easily be switched out!

I like to keep things relaxed and let your kids run the show. I know, that sounds crazy! But as I’m sure you know, a happy kid cooperates much more. We typically start with the more posed shots at the beginning tends to be when kids still have some attention span left. It's not uncommon for me to bring a blanket and have your family sit and interact with one another. I strive to capture the connection your family has with each other, not just their beautiful smiling faces.



I will work with you to get a good idea of what is the best way to tell your story, using the location and any props necessary. I have some props available for you to use, but if you have any ideas please bring them along. Pick a theme that best describes you. Maybe where you meet. The theme of your wedding. 

Consider bringing an outfit to change into mid-way through your photo session. You could start your photo session wearing casual clothes, and then change into something more formal (or vice versa).   Wear something fun. Something nice. And most importantly, something that's you. Work it. I recommend layering up. It’ll allow you to add variety to your session without having to completely change outfits. 

PREPARE YOUR GROOM! During your session, I’ll generally ask you to have a cuddle during the shoot and sometimes a kiss. If your fiance’ is completely unaware of this style of photography, he is going to think it’s really strange when I tell you two to get “Nose to nose”. He’s expecting a few pictures smiling at the camera, showing off the ring and that’s it. Please explain ahead of time the style of photography to help him know what to expect.

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